Bye bye beiges, hello colours!

Last weekend, I created some much needed wardrobe space, in time – I hope – to welcome some new Spring/Summer additions very soon.

As my brain cells started buzzing with flashes of coloured heels, I thought I’d take a quick tea-break from clearing the fashion bomb-site around me and look for a little inspiration.

I grabbed Stylist magazine. I always have a copy or two lying around from recent train journeys. What would be the flavour of this year – 90’s, 80’s, 70’s…? I wondered.

I flicked and flicked pages, but I must admit I don’t get that excited browsing women’s magazines these days. I still buy them – don’t ask why – but it all feels a bit of an anti-climax. The Fashion world feels too commercial, too distant, too expensive, and overall, just too much to me.

So I much rather turn to the much more democratic Pinterest. I find this social network great if you are greedy for ideas rather then items. I shall soon share a couple of boards I started – stay tuned for some gorgeous midi skirts, colours, and crazy shapes.

A lot of the clothes, shoes and accessories I own have a story. They remind me of a place, a moment, someone and that’s why they feel right to me.

I rarely ‘go shopping’. It just seems to happen. I love just stumbling upon a shop, wander in for a quick browse, stay two hours and come out grinning with a couple of great pieces or nothing. It doesn’t matter. My best buys always happen on holidays or on a long random weekend walk in London.

I ended up getting an amazing pair of Clarks patent shoes back in November with my friend A. and J. after we paid a visit to the Victoria and Albert museum for their exhibition ‘Shoes: pleasure and pain’. I had never shopped in South Kensington. It was so much fun. I still keep those shoes in a box, they feel precious.

When it comes to clothing, I am mostly influenced by what I see in the street, at work or on friends. My biggest style gurus are my mum and my grand-mothers. They don’t know it but they taught me ‘elegance’.

Elegance is a useful concept far squadron the dictature of trends. It is confidence. It is bold. It’s serious and fun. It has no age and no stereotype. It is effortless and deeply personal. It is not a question of price. It is simply point of view. It is a way to be.

I am nowhere near as chic as my elders and I certainly make a lot of style faux-pas, especially when in a hurry, but who cares would say my nan, ‘it doesn’t matter, fashion is just a bit of fun’.

What is your fashion philosophy?



Posted by:Alice Etcetera

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