Looking for fun classes to keep fit in London? I have just tried these Fitness sessions in South East, Central London and at home…

Studio One – Pilates and Movement, Forest Hill, SE23

  • Session: pregnancy yoga
  • Duration: 1h15min
  • Cost (Drop-in): £12
  • Teacher: Mary Schnorrenberg

My favourite class in terms of health and physical exercise. Mary’s class is suitable for all level but provide that little extra push if you fancy a nice big stretch. The session is an hour fifteen which allow plenty of time to workout and enjoy the meditation at the end. My body felt as if I had the greatest sports massage.

Studio One is a nice, relaxing space. It’s clean and well-equipped. Only downside for me is that it is a little out the way from the Overground station on a quiet road and that there is no receptionist, which means I struggled to make the 7pm sessions on the darkest nights in winter.

That said, now that the evenings are lighter, I will probably go back and ask for more of that lovely stretch!

Oaktree yoga and health, Forest Hill, SE23

  • Session: pregnancy yoga
  • Duration: 60min
  • Cost: £12
  • Teacher: Kimberly

A very gentle class focused on breathing. Kimberly is really warm and makes you feel at ease with her knowledge of the pregnant body.

The sessions are also very social and a great way to meet other mums. After sessions at the Havelock walk studio, you might even be invited for a brunch and a chat at closeby cafe Canvas and Cream. It felt really nice to be invited to join the whatsapp group straightaway.

Oaktree classes are very popular but there are a lot of spaces – approx. 20 places per class if not more. The Havelock walk studio is lovely and airy whilst the classes at the Chapel on the Hill provide that little extra meditative setting.

The perfect sessions if you are looking to breathe and socialise.

The Honor Oak Wellnessrooms, Honor Oak, SE23

  • Session: pregnancy Yoga
  • Duration: 60min
  • Cost: £12.50
  • Teacher: Lisa Toth

A short walk from Honour Oak station, the Wellnessrooms offer a restful oasis from the London hustle and bustle. I feel in relax mode as soon as I step in. Relaxing tunes, lemongrass smell, green tea and smiley staff always do the trick. I loved the Shine salon in my ex-neighborhood Stoke Newington for that very reason.

The Wellnessrooms studio space offers just that. It’s fair to say it is quite a small studio but it’s light, clean and airy. It just means you have to book early as classes book up quickly.

In particular, Lisa’s class is popular and works in blocks of 6 sessions booked in advance – although Lisa has set up a friendly Facebook group through which spots are swapped every week, so it’s possible to find a last minute space.

Lisa is super kind and knowledgeable about the pregnant body. I particularly liked the pace and the level of difficulty of the class. I was definitely able to get a real good stretch and felt the inner calm after the final meditation.

Overall lots of points go to this class for the warm and friendly atmosphere,  great workout, relaxation, nice studio and location – I added a few Honour Oak cafes and restaurants to my ‘London-to-try list’ as I walked back to the station!

Light Centre, Moorgate

  • Session: pregnancy Pilates
  • Duration: 45min
  • Cost: £13
  • Teacher: Lisa Marie Probert

I like the central location of this studio. It’s great if you work in the City – like me, I am based near Barbican. I’ll definitely keep it on my list for swift-post-maternity-leave lunchtime workouts, when nursery pick-ups don’t allow as much free-time in the evenings anymore.

The centre’s studio space is light and spacious. There is a well-stocked cafe and nice clean facilities including showers, lockers and equipment. The atmosphere feels relaxing although a little more hectic than in the smaller independent studios above – we are in the City after all.

Lisa’s class is suitable for all level and all stages of pregnancy. I tried it at seven-month pregnant and it felt enough of a workout to me – and I like to push myself a little if I can, as you probably gathered from the notes above. There was also a soothing relaxation session at the end.

Although I would probably go back for the convenience of popping in straight from work, the only down side for me here is the duration of classes. 45min felt a little short to either get into the workout or relax deeply. Plus it is a little more expensive than the other classes above.

Bodyrock HIIT workout, online

  • Sessions: pregnancy full-body workout
  • Duration: 12-15min daily session
  • Cost: free
  • Teacher: Christa

I did the 30 day challenge with Bodyrock a couple of years ago and loved it as I got super fit in just a month, doing only 12min of fitness a day. So when I discovered there was a pregnancy series I decided to give it a try (don’t be scared of the big-boobs-six-packs girls on the site – I was at first! – the workouts are really great).

The HIIT workouts are only 12-15min and fit into your daily routine. I didn’t quite manage to be as consistent the past few months but I certainly tried a few of the sessions and highly recommend them.

Each pregnancy video is adapted to each stage of pregnancy. And although Bodyrock videos always promote their equipment (they have to live after all), I use my bed, sofa, cans of beans and nothing else. If a move requires a piece of kit I don’t have, I do a different one.

I like to come back to these little videos every now and then, especially when I have no time, no money and little willpower to get moving more than 10min but still want to keep moral high. I will definitely keep these quick and easy sessions under my belt for when mini-me arrives and takes over my life.

Final note: although I am mostly reviewing antenatal sessions at mo as I am seven-month pregnant right now, the teachers and studios below offer a range of ante/post-natal and non-pregnancy related classes which I’d love to try!

What do you do to keep fit in London? Have you tried any fun classes recently?



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