I have been to morning raves three times now since Morning Gloryville started four years ago. The last time was this morning and it was a bit special as I decided it would be my own way to celebrate being a mum-to-be. 

I guess somehow I needed to let the world know that becoming a mum doesn’t mean I am ever hanging up my dancing shoes. I may only use them in all sorts of new ways – Sunday morning pyjama party anyone ? 

That said,  when I threw the morning rave idea out there a few weeks ago,  I did think it was a bit mad.  After all, who asks their friends to take half a day of precious annual leave to wake up at 5am to go raving before work ? 

I knew it would be great.  I also knew it would be safe – morning raves are totally toxics-free – but would friends believe me? 

As it happens,  they did and they turned up ready to party ! 

So here we are today at sunrise sipping watermelon juice at the Brixton Rooftop beach at 7h30am. After the long gloomy winter, I really needed those 25 degrees and this crowd in their best glittery gear to shake-off the last litle bits of grey from my mind. Bring on summer ! 

In these times when I worry about the world and politics, legendary Fat Boy Slim did a great job at helping us enjoy some well needed human togertherness – and I am so happy my little boy could be there enjoying this with me (from the inside of my tummy).

Morning Gloryville is four years old today – happy birthday!  -and through all that time neither the vibe nor the price has changed, making it for me the only London party which didn’t loose it’s spirit as fast as it grew in popularity.  

I warmly recommend if:

  • you like smoothies and coffee
  • throwing shapes makes you happy
  • you function on natural energy 
  • sharing love is what you need ! 

Have you tried morning raves ? Was your ‘babyshower’ a little out of the ordinary ? 

Posted by:Alice Etcetera

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