Just made these cute handles inspired by Aileen’s post via sugarandcloth

I am planning to use them for a set of drawers in our new nursery but they would be perfect as hooks for coats or bags too. 


  • Unfinished wooden spheres
  • Multipurpose child-proof primer
  • Multipurpose child-proof paints
  • A medium and a small paint brush
  • A shoe box top and wall plugs to hold the handles whilst painting 

First I secured my handles using the top of the shoe box and wall plugs. You could also use corks and pins. The key is to find a way to hold the handles still so it is easy to paint all around and leave them to dry. 

I then started with one layer of primer before covering the handles with my base colour – orange for the fox. 

The primer ensured a smooth surface before I applied three layers of base colour for a full shiny finish – two might be enough depending on your paints. 

For the fox face, I used simple straight lines for the design and cut out an outline using masking tape. I then covered the upper half of each handle with the masking tape and applied two layers of white paint to the lower half of the handles. 

Using masking tape meant I could replicate the design more easily on twelve handles than by hand drawing it.    

Once dry, I removed the masking tape to reveal the faces and painted the eyes, nose and ears of the foxes with the small brush. I used black dots for the eyes and nose, and a white outline for the ears.  

Overall I am super happy with the results. This is a real quick and easy little project which will add a touch of fun to our new baby’s room.  

What’s your latest creative project?

Posted by:Alice Etcetera

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