Moving house and having a baby means I have less me-time and less money, i.e. the perfect creative catalyst for a master procrastinator like me. 

With no more time to faff and no option to spend, I seem to get more resourceful and a little more focused (just a tiny bit). So I recently decided to make some of those cool concrete planters you see everywhere at the moment, and it was a load of fun. 

Now, there are plenty of brilliant tutorials online on how to make concrete stuff so I am not going to write another one on here. 

Instead, I thought I’d share a couple of things I learnt whilst making mine. Diy bloggers seem to all get things right first time, hmm hello…this is NOT REALITY. Here are three mistakes I made:

  • Use paper or cardboard containers to create the inner cavity of the planter – I used jam jars the first time and sealed them into my concrete, woops.

  • Spread a little vaseline onto the containers – it is just like buttering a cake tin, it will make it far easier to unmold.
  • Prime the planters – I applied acrylic paint straight on the concrete and… it all pealed off, so using a good layer of all surface primer paint essential. 

5 planters binned, 4 completed, loads learnt on concrete, woop woop, love making things.  

    What’s your next diy project ? 




      Posted by:Alice Etcetera

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