My aim as I am getting back into the swing of making things is to focus on my illustrations. I love the freedom that comes with the style. I even have a little secret dream to make my own book one day or even illustrate someones’ story. Who knows?


This little picture of Paris took me about a week to do. It’s inspired by a reference I saw on Pinterest and my own experience growing up in the city. I like how simple and yet how intricate cityscapes are. So I thought I’d give one a go.

I had lots of fun making up every detail as I went along. I am not a great writer, words don’t come easily, but with colours and paper, it is a totally different story. It was great bringing this higgledy piggledy bit of street corner to life from the colour of its rooftops to the flowers on its balconies and its passerbys.

Can’t wait to do some more!

 What stories do you see?



Posted by:Alice Etcetera

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