I am a French thirty-something who set foot in London in 2009 and never left. A year ago I relocated South of the river after 10 years in trendy East End, got married, a house and a baby.

I see this time of great personal change as an opportunity to grow and get creative. After all I have plenty to get inspired with a new neighbourhood, a new role (as a mum) and mat’ leave time on my hands.

This blog is part of my big project to make and create. It is a sort of diary. It is bilingual, because sometimes I feel the need to write in my mother tongue (posts in French are under tag ‘en francais’). It is slow, because I am busy living and making stuff takes time (in real life). It’s imperfect because it’s for fun, to see if I can create a nice site with some stories and pretty pictures on it.

It is not commercial, or educational but if something here inspires you along the way, hooray, do let me know, it’s always nice to know.

Welcome onboard!

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